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Jovan Norman — woman of the year!

Jovan Norman is a woman who was on a mission, a mission to buy everything that Deryn had listed on his Amazon wish list and achieve this she did and in great style!

Jovan managed to lead the way and raise over £1500 for Deryn and they all collectively cycled  1100 miles!

She is an amazing woman who does so much for so many people and puts others before herself each and every time. She has done some fabulous, selfless things in her time and I hope one day she is truly recognised for her kindness.

We as a family cannot thank her enough for the time, effort and passion she put in to the event that she almost single handedly organised over the weekend of the 16th and 17th of November.

The little Norfolk town of Watton came together in true style this weekend, so many people helped out, carrying buckets, cycling for mile upon mile and all with the same outcome in mind. They all wanted to help Deryn have an easier time of it in hospital.

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They achieved what they set out to do, all led by the driving force that is Jovan Norman. I don’t think I have ever had the fortune to meet a more proactive person in my life….

Thank you really does not get across just how grateful we are to the people of Watton and just how proud we are to live there.

Thank you all so so much xxxx

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